7 Scavenger Hunt Clue Tips and Tricks


It is really fun to write your own scavenger hunt clues most especially when you differ the clues you make throughout the game hunt. When creating hunt clues, it is important to consider the age, theme, and event to spark your creativity. Here are some tips and tricks we can share so you can enjoy making your scavenger hunt clues.

  1. You can take a photo of the location of your intended hidden christmas scavenger hunt clues. Give the picture of the mailbox the next location the clue is hidden, and a picture of a whole clock. Take a picture of a portion of the location of hidden clue to increase the level of difficulty, let’s say if the next clue is hidden at the back of the clock, take a photo of just one number or a portion of a clock. You can use this great idea in hunting moving from one clue to another, creating a list of pictures of certain places that need to be found within a specified period of time.


  1. You can also cut a picture of a hidden location into three to four pieces for a young child, eight to ten pieces for older children, or twelve to twenty pieces for teenagers and adults. Put the picture pieces inside an envelope or you can scatter them in one area where the players can assemble the pieces to find the place for the next clue. You can take a photo of the hidden location or use any graphics reflecting the hidden location such as a picture from a magazine. Before you cut the picture, make sure you write the location of the next clue on the front part or back part of that picture. Get halloween scavenger hunt ideas here!


  1. Use rebus puzzles for creating challenging scavenger hunt clues. Rebus clues can be made simple or difficult depending on the children’s age. Just leave dashes below the puzzle for the players to know the length of the word the clue is pertaining to. To make it more fun, you can add variation by creating a rebus rhyme clue.


  1. You can also write codes for generating clues. You can use numbers to replace letters to create a code, and you can also use symbols and pictures to add something special, so once they are deciphered, the hunters automatically know what to search for in their next clue. You can also learn more tips on where to find the best scavenger hunt ideas by checking out the post at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNTfHoSw9Lg.


  1. Word search is another exciting and fun way to create scavenger hunt clues.


  1. Rhymes are also good for creating scavenger hunt clues or try to use just a part of a nursery rhyme such as “one, two, peek-a-boo, the next clue is a taboo!”.


  1. You can write instructions backward and ask the hunters to use a mirror to decipher the next clue.

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